Second Suspension of Marlon Samuels by The International Cricket Council

Cricket is the second top played sports game after football. The game is played at the center of the field by two teams each team including eleven players. International Council of Cricket controls cricket operations at international level. The Council’s board of members’ amends the rules to be followed in the leagues.

More than 120 million fans prefer betting on cricket rather than on other sports games. Fans place their bets according to the odds placed on the playing teams. A large number of fans engaging on betting prefer online cricket betting as they encounter a broad range of betting sites.

Recently, the West Indies cricket team Superman, Marlon Samuels, was banned for one year by the International Council of Cricket. Marlon received the ban as a result of extending the elbow while he was bowling. Samuels’ ban gave the West Indies a big blow in their forthcoming matches as he has been triggering their wins. The 34 years old athlete was facing various charges in the council. The assessment that led to his ban was carried out at Brisbane where the assessors found out that Mr. Marlon extension of the elbow went beyond 15 degrees while bowling.

According to the International Cricket Council, Marlon committed a foul of employing an illegal bowling action. International Cricket Council prohibits a player from extending a bowl beyond 15 degrees while taking a bowl.

His current suspension amounted to the second suspension of the player, within a period of two years. As per the report, athlete Marlon was officially banned from engaging himself in international cricket. However, the council permitted the player to participate in training sessions at a local level to develop his talents.

Marlon has managed to play a total number of 62 Tests taking 41 wickets while in West Indies cricket team. He played as a batsman for West Indies in the Hobart first Test. He also played in the T20s and managed a total of 19 wickets. He led the West Indies in the win against the Australia after managing 212-run loss which humiliated Australia, in the first Test that that was conducted in Hobart. The player, who had also received a suspension in 2013, acted as a blow to the West Indies. Marlon has been triggering fans to bet highly in the cricket competitions due to his experience and skills in the game.

On 26th this month, the Australia Club will take on West Indies Cricket team at one on one match. Cricket online betting for these two teams will be held at The event will start at thirty minutes past ten, where the Indies will play without Marlon services.

Cricket sports have gained very many fans that support their matches. Cricket fans are anxiously waiting for the forthcoming match between the Australia and the West Indies. Fans are also betting highly on this game, where the Indies have been given very high odds.