Rugby World Cup Preview

The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching and with will come the endless stories and theories based on who is going to win and when betting on rugby which team is most likely to pay dividends. Although historically there are a few teams that are most likely to lift the trophy, this year appears to be as open as it has ever been. On any day a number of teams has the ability to be world-beaters if they play to their strengths.

Every 4 years when the rugby elite converge the inevitable talk will be centered on the current best team in the world, New Zealand. When taking part in rugby betting online the safe bet would obviously be New Zealand, they currently have odds of around 5/4 depending on which site you are looking at. They are also coming into the World Cup having played some brilliant rugby and in 2014 were the first team to to hold the number one raking in the world for 5 years straight.

Placing a bet on New Zealand will give you the better likelihood of winning however placing a bet on one of the teams next in line such as England, Australia and South Africa will provide a far better payout with most of these teams’ chances being rated at around 9/1.

England will also be a strong team to place a bet on, not only do they have a team capable of beating the strongest nations they have home field advantage. They are coming off the back of a win against Ireland and will help to carry this momentum in their first group game when the World Cup starts on Friday. England is in one of the toughest groups in the world cup, containing Wales, Australia and Fiji.

For most people there is little doubt that New Zealand will be in the final of the World Cup, statistically they are the number one team in the world and without a doubt have some of the greatest players at the moment that could walk onto any national team. Therefore when going online for the purpose of betting rugby it might be best to look into other options rather than who will win the overall World Cup. There is a huge array of options for the rugby fan to make bets on, ranging from who will be in the final, which will be in the semi-final and top scorer. There are some truly talented players in this World Cup, many of who could ultimately become top scorer. If you do go down this avenue it is often best to pick the kicker of a team, the likes of Dan Carter or George Ford. These are the players that take on kicking duties and will most likely end with the highest point tallies.

This Rugby World Cup is going to be a fascinating tournament, with any number of teams that can potentially come out on top, making choosing a winner extremely difficult.