Rugby World Cup – Best Matchups, Players, and Betting Opportunities

Rugby World Cup is one of the World’s largest sporting event. It is known to attract a massive following and the fast approaching 2015 World Cup will be no different. Betting on rugby is among the highlights that raise the event’s appeal to the fans.

Rugby Betting

There exists very many online rugby betting platforms that individuals can capitalize on, to make money during rugby events. While there are several online rugby betting sites that offer fans the opportunity to wager on their favourite teams, it is imperative that one finds a reputable site before betting. Furthermore, rugby betting is easier than football betting. The chances of disappointment reduce as more points are scored. Draws hardly occur, hence largely involves betting on two outcomes.

Betting On Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is expected to have a massive betting appeal, more so with the fact that it is being hosted by England, a side considered the ones with highest chances of victory. There are several ways to make money from the tournament.

Handicap Betting

There are many ways of scoring points in rugby, hence more predictable outcomes as compared to football. But even with apparently inevitable results – like England beating Fiji in the opener – there are ways to support the underdog.

One can do this through handicap betting. For instance, Fiji will have a head start of +28.5 points, for a level playing field. One will have to decide whether England can overcome the handicap or if one thinks Fiji can hold on to the point’s advantage.

Winning Margin

The margin of Victory is among the most popular bets in rugby betting. It offers one a way of finding value in backing the favourites. Taking England against Fiji, for example, one can get 8.00 and 4.00 on a 1- 10 point win and an 11 – 20 points win, respectively.

Name the Finalists

While defending champions New Zeal could retain the trophy, one can simply back them to win. If one thinks hosts England can get to the final and face the All Blacks, then they can bet on this and earn 4.50 which is a better deal than just supporting New Zealand. The best thing is they don’t have to win the final, as long as the two teams meet, one gets a payout.

Top Try Scorer

One can also bet on the player that scores the most tries. Here, one needs to consider whether it is worth supporting someone from the fancied sides, like New Zealand’s Julian Savea – he may feature in many matches throughout the tournament.


While betting, one should bank on the knowledge of the game and what their intuition and common sense say. A bettor ought to be very clear and assured of the option of their bet. Individuals betting on rugby for their first should avoid betting big. This can result to unexpected snags. It takes time to learn and develop rugby betting skills.