Ronda Rousey’s Loss

Everyone has heard of Ronda Rousey by now. She has become one of the biggest names in sports if she isn’t the biggest right now. She’s made waves by being one of the best if not the best in women’s MMA and by putting forth a positive image as a role model for women everywhere. She has had a completely undefeated record and only even come out of the first round in a single fight. She has also managed to win every single fight by arm bar and most have been won in the first minute of the fight starting. She’d seem an obvious favorite to anyone into UFC betting and probably cost quite a few people some money when she lost her fight to Holly Holms recently.

So what went wrong when she fought Holly Holm and got knocked out in the 2nd round by a head kick? One of the first things many people are citing as possible mistakes was that her coach “had her convinced she had great standup”. This would lead her to a totally new game plan that she’s never won with so far against Holly whose background was entirely from boxing and who would clearly have superior stand up game.

Another of the major theories is that she simply wanted to prove a point. In Ronda’s world she has been on top for a long time, but she’s never shown that she could take some of the best standing up. She’s hardly had the time in the ring to show that she could do damage standing as most of her fights go to the ground almost immediately and are over soon after. Holly could have been someone she saw as a good opportunity to show off that she really does actually have good standing fight game. The issue with this was clearly that Holly was a considerably better boxer than Ronda should have ever thought about making this point with and it would be surprising if Ronda didn’t realize that going in.

The last really solid theory on why she was knocked out and beaten so easily by Holly is that maybe all the fame from being such a huge deal has gotten to her. Her schedule has gotten quite a bit busier with all her TV appearances and her photo shoots as of recent. It’s very possible that she has started taking her training a little less seriously and been looking for more ways to make money and get her name out there. Ronda has become too big a name for her own good is a strong possibility. She has started to think that she is so much better than any other woman in fighting that she thought she didn’t need to be ready for Holly.

Whatever has caused Ronda this loss it certainly was a big one. While no one retires undefeated unless they retire early it is almost definitely a loss that could have been avoided. Ronda should come back strong soon and the UFC betting world will have their safe pick again.