Retirement of U.S. Legend, Abby Wambach

Recently, Abby Wambach announced her retirement from international soccer. The 35-year old has enjoyed a successful career since 2001. She is a legend in the international soccer scene. Abby has scored 184 goals in all her outings. She is proud to have 252 caps to her name. Wambach will continue playing with her team until December 16 when USA soccer team goes head to head with the Chinese team in New Orleans. The match will be the last in their Victory Tour, in celebration of their win at the 2015 women’s world Cup. Abby is excited about the future and the opportunities that soccer has created for her.

Abby was raised in Rochester, New York City. The star footballer is the youngest of seven children. She started playing soccer while still a toddler. Abby’s on-pitch success has seen her career elevate earning her a stellar reputation around the globe. Abby led the USA to victory during the 2015 Women’s world cup when she scored a remarkable goal against Nigeria. Over the years, she has inspired many women in addition to helping bring up a generation of young female soccer players. Abby is a role model on and off the pitch. She speaks about her career in a bid to inspire and empower women and young girls.

Over the years, various football enthusiasts have engaged in football betting. By following Wambach’s soccer career, it has been easy for soccer fanatics to make a betting on soccer matches. Wambach has been able to lead USA to victory in every game that she has played. During the duration of her career, the striker has represented her country and her team well. Abby has featured in four Women’s World Cup championship. She has ended her career as a member of the Women’s World Cup 2015 Champions. Her head coach, Jill Ellis, congratulated her on the World Cup Championship win that also signified the end of her 15-year-old career. Jill regards her as one of the greatest players the world has ever seen and is assured that she will be successful in her future endeavors.

One of her historical moments is when she scored a header on the 122nd minute during the 2011 World Cup quarterfinal against Brazil. The goal was responsible for the popularity that the team has enjoyed from all quotas. Wambach has participated in two Olympic Games and won gold medals in Athens, Greece in 2000 and London in the 2012 games. Her leg injury that she sustained during her training prevented Abby from participating in the 2008 Olympics game.

Wambach has ended her career as the all-time leading scorer of USA in both the Olympics and World Cup. She has played ten Olympic Games and has scored in nine of them. Abby has participated in 25 world cup matches and has scored in 14 of the matches. Her successful career continues to inspire many people around the globe.