Questions Remaining to be Answered About Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne was recently picked up by the San Francisco 49ers and has a lot of hype surrounding him due to his Australian origin. He was added to the 53 man roster, a decision that he was waiting on for quite some time. However, although his recent accomplishment is a big step forward, there are many questions out there that are still unanswered and may influence the success of his career.

How Much Game Times Is Haynes Going to Get?

Haynes will be played as a returner, which will mean that he will get to be involved in about five to 10 plays each game. If he’s suited up on game days, there’s also the potential for Haynes to be placed in as an offensive player for an extra receiving option in the backfield. He will most likely never get to run the ball since that position is held by Carlos Hyde, but if Hyde is out on injury or is pulled to rest then there is potential that Haynes could be one of the substitute players that would be put in that position.

What Will Be Hayne’s Salary?

Haynes is getting the minimal salary for a rookie player, which sits at $435,000. If he remains on the team, next year his salary would increase to $525,000 and would then follow up with a $615,000 deal the following year. He also has potential earnings that can be accumulated if he is granted a large amount of game time, earning him thousands extra.

Is His Upright Running Style An Issue?

One of Hayne’s biggest downfalls is his running style, but he has made a real effort to get himself lower. However, he has already been given a wake up call as he’s bashed into several defenders with his body too high, resulting in a painful hit. If Haynes manages to continue improving on his running style then it shouldn’t be an issue. If he doesn’t, he will most likely be out on injury sometime during the season.

How Is Haynes Handling Big Hits?

Many have speculated that Hayne’s durability may be a problem, but that hasn’t been the case. Lowell Rose was cut by the San Diego Chargers as a result of a hit caused by Haynes. The Australian player has been dishing out a lot of big hits on his own and has shown that he’s quite capable of taking them as well. Hayne’s has a veteran quality fend-off and can keep defenders off of himself.