Pro Boxers Are Coming to the Rio Games

olympic bettingThe Olympics are about to get a lot more exciting for fans. Winning just might become a lot harder for a few athletes. In the boxing matchups, a host of new fighters are headed to the Rio games. Professional boxers have been given the proverbial green light to enter. The chances of a pro boxer winning the medal is strong. The chances for an upset with an amateur fighter beating a pro loom as well. Anyone who opts for Olympic betting on an underdog might end up earning a huge payoff. Of course, making a safe wager on a favorite is a possibility.

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) recently held a meeting in South Korea. A decision was made at the meeting that some do consider a bit controversial. Basically, professional boxers in the AIBA are going to be allowed to retain amateur status. Since the pros are able to compete in amateur ranks, the doors are now opened to enter the Olympics.

And the Olympics will have them. 2016 will be a historic year for the Olympic games as pro boxers enter competition for a long time. Betting on the Olympics changes significantly as a results. Odds makers have to think really hard when coming up with the lines. The development of the right wagering lines is going to be critical for drawing in extensive interest from those hoping to place a wager.

Those boxers who are under contract with the AIBA are sure to be thrilled about the developments. The professionals interested in seeking out Olympic gold are able to tailor their training schedule to head into the Olympics and then back to the pro ranks.


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While there is not money paid directly to medalists in the Olympics for competing, professionals do have the opportunity to make tremendous money after winning top honors. Sponsorship and endorsement funds may roll in right after all the media coverage gained from success in the games. So, leaving the pro ranks temporarily does not automatically come with absolute financial risk. The potential to earn is there.

Dr. C.K. Wu, the AIBA President, has spoken at length on the subject of the league sending professional fighters to the Olympics. The process of bringing pros to the Olympics was not something devised flippantly or without a lot of work. Wu and other members of the AIBA had been working on the project for years. Clearly, all that work has paid off and boxing is headed to the Rio games. Fan interest and Olympic betting options all expand as a result.

Wu also has another reason for pushing for boxing in the Olympics. He is interested in rehabbing the reputation of the sport. Corruption and other scandals have somewhat hurt the image of boxing over the years. Entry into the Olympics restores a bit of the sport’s good reputation.

Whether looking forward to betting on boxing or watching for enjoyment, anyone with interest in how things play out has a lot to watch for in 2016.