Predictions for the 2nd Half of the MLB Season

MLBThe second half of the MLB season is sure to be just as interesting as the first, but only people who are watching baseball regularly see what is happening in the big leagues this season. There are many young players making an impact, and the trade deadline is going to produce some spectacular deals that will make teams around the league more viable and surely give those who enjoy betting on baseball something exciting to watch.

Young Stars

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Madison Bumgarner are all young stars who are owning the major leagues today. Bumgarner is not playing as he did in the postseason, but he is managing the Giants staff quite well. The Giants are on pace to have a nice season, and they only need to have a nice season so that they can win yet another World Series. The Giants have never had spectacular season just before they won a title, and Bumgarner is making it easy for the team to remain consistent.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is hitting the cover off the ball this season, and he appears on pace to keep up the hot streak he is currently on. The Nationals are in first place in their division, and they are playing well overall. Harper could lead the Nationals to many more wins this season, and the Nationals will remain competitive because Max Scherzer is on the staff. They have seriously upgraded their staff, and their roster can produce enough offense to win consistently. If you are looking to bet on baseball, keep an eye on Harper and The Nats.

Mike Trout

The Angels are in a bad way at the moment, but they have the best young player in the game on their roster. There is nothing to say that the Angels cannot recover, but they will depend on Trout to make the recovery happen. The team has been soft for a couple years, and Trout is in the middle of becoming a leader. He is not quite there yet.

Johnny Cueto Trade

Johnny Cueto is the pitcher the Reds do not have locked up longterm because he is the last person on their list to get a new contract. They have not signed him to a big deal, and they look ready to trade him to the highest bidder. The Reds have more than enough pitching to get them by, and they are the best defensive team in baseball. They need more bats, and they need to find as many bats as they can find when they make this trade. Cueto may not be the only trade that the Reds make, but he will be the biggest trade they make.

The Braves

The Braves are essentially a young Triple-A team that is somehow not losing every game. The job that is being done in Atlanta is one that started with dumping almost all recognizable names outside of Freddie Freeman. The second step is replacing those names with young guys. The Braves could start playing well in the second half, and that would bode well for their plans going forward.