Players to Watch in the 2015 Women’s World Cup

Womens World CupStarting on Sunday, July 5th, the Women’s World Cup is setting up to be a big event this year. With the United States facing off against Australia the following Monday (July 6th) there are a few heavy hitters to keep an eye on. Over 500 players will be competing in Canada during the Women’s World Cup, so for online soccer betting it is important to keep tabs on those most likely to go above and beyond.

Starting with one of the most renowned goalkeepers in the world, Hope Solo is a big prospect for Women’s World Cup betting. Playing on the U.S. team, Hope has been competing in the tournament since 2007. She’s the 27th American to reach 100 international appearances on the field, her 100th being a 3-1 win over France. As a goalkeeper, Solo managed to score nine goals during her 2007 and 2011 appearances at the Women’s World Cup. Her record of 10 games played with six wins and only one loss shows some true potential. As a gold medalist for the Olympics in 2004, 2008, and 2012, she also has one of the strongest win to loss ratios of 11-1.

Another good player to watch out for is Abby Wambach, forward for the U.S. team. Abby already has four FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals played, with a total of 18 matches. Of her 18 matches, 12 ended up being wins with three draws and losses filling in the gap. Most impressive in terms of Mrs. Wambach is her flawless win record in both the 2004 and 2012 Olympic Football Tournaments. Having scored a total of 9 goals for the U.S. team, Wambach was integral in grasping 11 total wins (out of 11 games played) during both Olympic events.

Looking at non-U.S. players, France has a great midfielder in Eugenie Le Sommer. Similar to Solo and Wambach, Le Sommer has been a participant in two FIFA World Cup finals as well as the 2012 Olympics. Of the six games played in the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup finals, she scored six goals and won three games. Le Sommer’s talents aren’t necessarily in terms of scoring or defending, but in enabling her team to work out complex plays resulting in goals. Foronline soccer bets, consider Le Sommer to be a potential hidden gem.

Another French midfielder by the name of Louisa Necib. Holding two UEFA Women’s Champions League medals, Necib has earned her place among France’s best players. Similar to Le Sommer, Louisa Necib shines in her ability not to score goals but to work the mid field and keep the ball where it can do the most good. Her win to loss ratio during her three previous FIFA Women’s World Cup appearances hasn’t been too impressive, but her personal performance has been outstanding to say the least.

The fifth and final player to keep an eye on in this year’s Women’s World Cup betting would have to be Swedish forward Lotta Schelin. A vicious scorer and overall offensive powerhouse, Schelin has the amazing tendency to score goals in nearly every match she plays. With three Olympic appearances consisting of 11 matches played (and five goals scored total) she has proven herself to be one of the world’s best forwards. During the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier, Schelin managed to score seven goals in only eight games. With her aggressive scoring tactics and tenacious drive, Lotta Schelin is an obvious choice for one of the top players in the game.