Picking World Series Odds? Lean on Cuban Born Players

betting on baseballThe 2016 Major League Baseball season is coming upon us, and it’s another whole season to make big on betting on baseball. Whether it’s a certain team or certain players that are expected to have breakout years, it’s this time of year where betters always look for those x factors and insider information to get the best odds. The secret for this year may lie in the portfolio of Cuban born players, 18 of them total among the 30 MLB teams.

For those looking for teams with the best world series odds, they should always have to start with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who hold many key pieces including Cuban born Yasiel Puig. Puig came flying out of the gates in his rookie season in 2013 with 19 home runs and 42 RBI’s, but unfortunately has struggled in the past two seasons due to injuries and overall lack of production. Experts say though that he should be completely healthy this year and poised to return to rookie form. If he does, he can carry a heavily loaded Dodgers team to a division title and hopefully more. The Dodgers right now have the 3rd best odds to go to the world series, tied with the New York Mets and only behind the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants.


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For those looking for a dark horse for MLB betting this year, the secret may rely with Aroldis Chapman, the former Cincinnati Reds reliever who was traded to the New York Yankees this offseason. The Yankees were able to get him for a bargain this offseason, but have just found out he will be suspended for the first 30 games of the season due to off the field issues. However, once he returns he will be part of what may be the best bullpen in major league baseball this season with the combination of Dellin Betances and closer Andrew Miller. Many insiders are of the belief that if the Yankees can take the lead going into the 7th for a lot of games this year, this bullpen will be the ultimate shutdown for opponents that can help the Yankees rack up a lot of wins and may surprise the league in a loaded American League East. Right now the Yankees are tied with the 11th best odds to win the world series, predicted to finish third in their division behind Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox. However, betters can definitely win big on this pick if this team reaches their full potential.

There are many other teams to consider looking at this year for baseball betting, such as the Chicago Cubs with Jorge Soler and the New York Mets with Yoenis Céspedes, who recently signed a contract extension. These are safe bets as they are two of the teams at the top of the betting odds for 2016. But everyone knows, the sport of major league baseball is a highly competitive league, so it’s anyone’s game.