Paul Pogba Arrives for Medical at Manchester United Prior to Transfer

Football fans in search of what is the betting app will need to be on the lookout for how this transfer shapes the next season. The France midfielder Paul Pogba has travelled to the trainings grounds of Manchester United for his medical. This comes before he is set to be transferred in a world record £89 million deal with Juventus. Pogba arrived at Manchester Airport after flying in from Nice.

United will end up paying the Italian club Juventus a total of 105 millions euros for Pogba, plus additional costs that are related to performance bonuses and other additional factors. The massive deal should be completed during the middle of the week, assuming that everything plays out as it should.

There are still terms of agreement that have to be completed between the club and Pogba, but at this point in time those who are close to the organization say that it is merely a formality rather than an obstacle. The return of Pogba to Man Utd will top the deal made for Gareth Bale in 2013. The forward from Wales was transferred to Real Madrid for a whopping £85 million.

Jose Mourinho, the manager for Manchester United, commented on Pogba’s return in a very positive tone, stating that they were waiting for the player “with open arms”. Mourinho went on to add that “he comes because he knows the club, knows the city, many of the players and wants to be an important part of the project.”

Mourinho touches on the point that the football business is a crazy business and what seemed like a huge amount three years ago is not so huge anymore. He adds, “I don’t know anymore. I just know he (Pogba) is a big player.” As it relates to what is the best betting app or sportsbook for football wagers, the big deal likely means big stakes in play for Man Utd’s season with Pogba in the mix.

As a member of the French football team, Pogba was crucial in helping his country reach the final in the Euro 2016 tournament. He spent a total of four seasons with Juventus, during the club took the Serie A title every season. Mourinho will make Pogba the fourth signing he has brought to Man Utd, in addition to the other players that include Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Eric Bailly.

An English club has not spent a record for any player in two decades, with the last record-setting deal being made for Alan Shearer when he joined Newcastle United for £15 million. Pogba had played for Manchester United in the past, but he joined as a teenager and was rarely used on the pitch before his contract expired.

During his illustrious career with Juventus, Pogba was able to score 34 goals in a total of 178 appearances. He also was a key factor in the team reaching the 2015 Champions League final. Man Utd were not the only ones pining for the midfielder. Real Madrid had shown real interest in Pogba, and the Serie A league was also attempting to offer him a new contract. Pogba left Juventus with frustration because he reportedly was not being played enough.