PA to Make Technological Advances in Delivery of Betting Data

It has been decided that beginning in June 2016, the Press Association (or PA) who is partnered with the Arena Racing Company (or ARC) will begin to distribute ARC’s racing data bet prices to online betting sites and betting offices that are licensed. Much of this information will come from the meetings that were held in South Africa.

Starting in June 2017, PA will also be covering courses in six cities, including Worcester, and the rest of ARC’s courses are due to join in the next year after that. ARC and their fans are expected to benefit from the above endeavors. The above mentioned contract will allow ARC to make official contracts with any company involved in the betting industry by delivering their betting data directly to the betting offices. The data, along with information from the meetings taking place in South Africa, will be made more directly available to the bookies. A bookie (also known as a bookmaker) is the person who deals the bets and pay-outs of winnings.

The Internet and betting software has made it more possible for those who can’t make the races live to participate in the bets from the home front. It also enables those who will be attending the races live to get ahead by looking up the betting prices ahead of time. It also takes a lot of the overall guesswork out of betting and increases the likelihood of more wins than losses. However, betting software is still not an end-all. As with any sport, a rider’s luck is relatively unpredictable and can change at any time and there’s not a whole lot of room for solid prediction on that aspect.

PA’s director, Jim Donnelley stated that PA is a heritage for collecting betting information and is known worldwide for swiftness and high quality. That being said, the fact that PA is making the above advances is a very smart move because it will help them to stay in business hopefully for at least several more decades to come. It is a move that could change the way that horserace betting is made altogether.