Online Betting for The Tour de France

Tour de FranceThe Tour de France is the largest and most important bicycle race in the world every single year. While it is not the only race professional bicyclers take part in it is the one that receives the most attention. Due to this, it is also one of the most heavily bet upon event in cycling. If you are looking to take part in Tour de France betting, you need to look into the different ways to bet on the event and how you can actually make money off of it.

Now, the first thing to keep in mind when looking at betting on cycling is that you basically are betting on human horses. However, like horses, some are going to perform better in the slop while others are betting on a dry, grass track. With cycling, some are better at uphill cycling while others are betting at turning on the jets during a downhill, straight away. Because of this, it is very important to look at how each cycler performs and what kind of conditions they tend to perform better in. You don’t want to go into cycling bets and betting blind, otherwise you’re basically just putting your money onto a blind hope, and that is never a great way to go about it.

In regards to Tour de France betting, you can place a bet strictly on who wins the race or the placement of the top three. You can even bet on total time as well. These are more traditional bets. You can also bet on individual days and who is going to win a particular stage. The Tour de France, like most extensive bike races, are broken down into stages, where every day is a stage. There is no set amount of time or distance for a stage, it is just the individuals running the race break it up based on location and whether or not there can be a stop somewhere nearby on the following day. So, betting on day and placement can be done, just like the final race.

After the traditional bets, it is possible to bet on who is going to have the most yellow jackets. The yellow jacket is given to the winner of the previous leg of the race. Someone doesn’t have to actually be winning the entire race to win a yellow jacket, although it usually is a good indicator. So, because of this, it is a good idea to look at the number of yellow jackets. Someone can bet on the length of time someone holds the yellow jackets or the lead, they can also bet on the particular country, how a country is gong to fair and if a particular country is going to win or what place they receive. This means the best is on the entire team and not just one of the racers. Now, in general, there might be one or two racers who are outstanding on the team and the rest are simply there to help out. So, knowing a bit about the teams is important.

Lastly, it is important to know any sort of drug testing results the cyclists have tested positive for. Cycling generally has the largest doping problem of any professional sport, so someone betting doesn’t want to have their cyclist banned.