Olympic Betting Watches USA Defend 92-Year-Old Gold Medal

Olympic bettingThe sport of Olympic Rugby is returning to the games this year, and the USA is rushing forward with it! The USA team is led into the Olympic games by Perry Baker, who is crossing over from football receiver position in football to wing position for American Rugby. The USA men’s team is considered an Olympic dark horse vying to bring home that 92-year-old medal again when Games play in August in Rio.

92 years ago, the USA was underdog to favorite France; nonetheless the American team beat France soundly in 1924 Olympic Paris, even though playing the more complicated 15 players per team. The new 2016 Olympic Rugby teams will compete in sevens, a more volatile version.


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American Coach Michael Friday has brought the USA team to excellence that has not gone unnoticed and is carefully monitored by rugby betting enthusiasts and Olympic betting organizations following countries favored to medal in Rugby 2016:
• New Zealand
• Britain
• Fiji
• South Africa

Better Coaching Makes Better Team Players

At the end of rugby’s last season, the United States won a world series tournament, hands down the top competition in the sport, for the first time. For the past 18 months, Coach Friday has honed the American team to Threat Strength. Betting on rugby is not a high gambling interest in the USA, and the American team is focused strictly on bringing home their 1924 rugby medal in an historical deja vu to end all deja vus. The team credits Coach Friday’s unique feedback coaching method for getting the most out of each player, saying he has taught as a unit and individually more about rugby sevens than they previously understood.

Key American Players

The top three key American rugby players are:

1. Madison Hughe, Captain -Hughes was selected to 4 stops of 2013-14 IRB HSBC Sevens World Series and acquired 98 points.

2. Carlin Isles – Isles was All-American and still holds records. Carlin Isles earned a Residency contract in Men’s Eagles Sevens, returning in 2014 to Olympic Training Center.

3. Perry Baker – After playing in Arena Football League, Perry Baker began rugby in Florida, USA, before his Tiger Academy training, after which Isles came to 2014 Olympic Training Center Residency.

Coach Wants More Domination Panic Play

Coach Mike Friday acknowledges his American team has climbed into the stratosphere from being logged down heavily at the beginning of their rugby Olympic team training. He stresses that the American team still does not display enough of the required “panic play success”, often referred to as the “killer instinct accuracy” that he intends to see in his team’s performance before the Rio games in August.