Ole Miss Charged with Many Violations by The NCAA

college football bettingThe University of Mississippi is known as Ole Miss, and the sports program has been hit with 28 violations that range from the swim team to the football team. This article explains how the violations for the football team are not as bad as they seem, and there is reason to believe the team will be penalized for infractions that are fairly minor. Ole Miss has been a clean program under Hugh Freeze up to this point, and it appears he is still clean in most respects.

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Many Violation Stems From Houston Nutt

Houston Nutt has not been at Ole Miss since 2011, and many of the violations noted happened under his regime. Nutt has been known to break the rules at other stops along the way, and he is simply rearing his ugly head over the Ole Miss program. The current football team is hardly implicated in these new allegations, and betting on football may not change because Ole Miss is clearly very talented.

The Other Violations All Pertain To Laremy Tunsil

Laremy Tunsil will be a first-round pick in the NFL draft this year, and many of the violations related to the current regime have to do with benefits Tunsil received. Tunsil sat out half the season because of these infractions, but the school levied that punishment. College football betting has been based on these major recruits, but Freeze may lose some recruits because of new punishments from the NCAA.

Hugh Freeze Says He Is Clean

Hugh Freeze has gone on the record many times saying that he is clean, and he has also said that he would like to see proof of anything he personally did to break the rules. The NCAA may have evidence that the public has not seen yet, but it is hard to believe that Hugh Freeze has done anything serious to break the rules since taking over at Ole Miss. He has recruited great players mainly because of his personality, and his track record speaks for itself.

The Trouble Is In The Punishment

Hugh Freeze will likely be punished for something that happened under his regime that he already took care of, and it is possible that he will be punished for something that another coach did. Hugh Freeze was not the head coach when Houston Nutt committed many of these violations, and detractors will say that Houston Nutt should be punished for the sins of the past. NCAA rules may change in the future, but the current rulebook requires Hugh Freeze to fall on the sword for something another coach did.

High Freeze has made Ole Miss football relevant for the first time since Eli Manning chose to go to school there, and he will suffer the indignity of NCAA sanctions because of several violations that have nothing to do with him. The outsider who is looking in on the situation can see that Freeze has been fairly upstanding during his time at the school, and the most recent infractions are minor in comparison to things that happened in the past.