NSW Government Poised to Forbid In-Play Odds Betting Ads

NSW Government Poised to Forbid In-Play Odds Betting Advertisements

Troy Grant, the New South Wales (NSW) Deputy Premier and State Minister for Gaming and Racing, announced last Saturday that starting March 2016, the airing of advertisements for live in-play betting odds will no longer be permitted for television broadcast.

The Deputy Premier stated that live odds, such as those advertised as means of enticing punters to bet on predictions on certain event outcomes, heighten the risk of reckless gambling; because punters tend to wager on impulse or to chase their losses.  Mr. Grant specifically mentioned those betting television advertisements presented as segments for promoting betting operators, during an ongoing match or half time breaks. He made it clear that the prohibition is directed at TV advertisements pertaining to live odds that likely shift based on scoreboard results.

Mr. Grant further clarified that the implementation of the live odds advertising ban specifically applies to those aired during TV coverage of sport matches that last for less than four hours, counting from siren to siren. That being the case, Mr. Grant’s pronouncement denotes that the live odds ad ban will not affect TV coverages of golf tournaments and test cricket matches. The Deputy Premier mentioned that the regulation of advertisements for live odds via TV broadcast will be implemented either as a complete prohibition, or would require modifications aimed at making the sport betting ads suitable to NSW’s television viewers. .

Mr. Grant mused aloud his opinion that the indubitable fierce competition in vying for a greater share of the sports betting market, has prodded sportsbook operators to launch marketing promotions aggressively. His statement conveyed that such a condition has made it necessary for the NSW government to modify the state’s regulations governing the industry.

In relation to the Deputy Premier’s take on the aggressive marketing stance of betting operators, the Financial Counseling Australia (FCA) , came out with a report last August providing details about the forceful marketing tactics used by bookmakers. The FCA, a group of professionals who furnish informational support and encouragement to individuals facing financial distress, disclosed that such tactics include offers of credit to gamblers who are already deeply in debt, and of enticements in the form of free tickets to sport matches.

The State of NSW will accordingly include a prohibition against the use of such tactics by December of this year. The state government will amend the existing ban against promotional enticements to include “all inducements” instead of simply qualifying banned enticements as those offered as credit accommodations, rewards or vouchers. State Deputy Premier Grant said they are awaiting the report that former NSW Premier Barry O’Farell will submit on December 18, as head of the ongoing online gambling review group recently commissioned by the federal government.

However, The Australian reports that broadcasters have applied pressure that resulted to the exclusion of all references to sport betting advertising as among the purpose or terms of reference by which the online gambling review was deemed necessary by the government.


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