No More Football For Johnny

The time may have come for Cleveland to part ways with Johnny Manziel. The first round draft pick quarterback has not lived up to expectations. Only starting a few games in his career, Johnny hasn’t really done anything to get excited about. With seven touchdowns and five interceptions, he shouldn’t be betting on football to be his job any much longer. In the six games he started this year he has not taken care of the football at all. You would think losing not obtaining the starting position in the preseason would have lit a fire under Johnny Football. He also lost three fumbles this year. His completion rating is at 79.4 percent which is not that bad in the NFL.

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The Cleveland Browns are suffering from another losing season and it is time to rebuild, again. Johnny Manziel has not made an impression on the GM at all. Not only is he not playing well, he is also getting caught up in various blunders in public. Attention that does not need to be shed on the struggling franchise. If you are into NFL betting then you know what to do when Cleveland is playing and Johnny Manzeil is starting. The odds of Johnny Manzeil getting a starting job on any NFL team is highly unlikely. No general manager will tolerate a losing quarterback with questionable character choices.

The quarterback is the leader off the team and he has to be trusted and composed. The Cleveland Browns will have a high draft pick, chances are they do not pick up a quarterback this draft. With troubles with the offensive line and a thousand yard receiver getting in trouble every year , the Browns cannot afford to keep Manziel. I do not know if they will cut him at the end of the season, but when they fill the position he will not be one of them. There are a couple of franchises that can use a back up Quarterback with the skill set that he has. The Titans have Mariota and hey are both mobile quarterbacks, he would fit nice into the scheme they play over there. In a weak AFC south that has been dominated by the Colts for years, Manziel could get a few wins, or at least more touchdowns.