Nick Kyrgios Gets Advice From Shane Warne

It has only been a couple of weeks since Nick Kyrgios spouted off that Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis had been sleeping with the girlfriend of Stan Wawrinka in an attempt to throw Kokkinakis off his game during a live match. This event resulted in a $12,500 for the Australian star, and he has now been hit with another $10,000 fine for his display during his match-up against Andy Murray.

While Kyrgios was able to make some incredible plays against Murray – including a shot that managed to shoot through his legs – it’s Kyrgios’s attitude and the way he presented himself that has everyone talking. Kyrgios received multiple warnings for swearing loudly during the matches, and can even be seen throwing his racket on the ground in anger. Even more surprising were the small naps Kyrgios took between sets, sitting in his chair with his eyes closed.

Shortly after the game came a message from professional Australian athlete Shane Warne:

“Dear Nick Kyrgios,

We all realise you’re only 20 & have a lot to learn buddy. But please don’t waste your talent, everyone in the world, especially us Australians want to respect u. Remember respect is way more important than being liked, u need to respect the game of tennis & yourself. We all make mistakes, but it’s how we learn from them & the way we conduct ourselves when we lose that shows true character. You’re testing our patience mate, show us what you’re made of & how hungry you are to be the best in the world, it’s time to step up & start winning, no excuses. No shame in losing, but show us you will never give up, that you will give it everything to be the best you can be, respect is earned not given ! I believe in you & know you can do it, but now’s the time my friend… “

The message was clear – Kyrgios needs to cut it out and get in gear before he is left behind and forgotten. Warne wasn’t the only athlete that put his attention towards Kyrgios. American Football League professional Tim Watson took a stab at Kyrgios by calling him a “tosser” through a radio show interview. Coach David Parkin even described Kyrgios as “the most disgraceful Australian athlete I think I have ever seen.”

Australia’s squad for the Davis Cup has removed Kyrgios from the team, a decision which was made by captain Wally Masur. Bernard Tomic was instead recalled to play the semifinal matches in Glasgow next week, playing against Britain’s team.

The ATP has even gone as far as to put Kyrgios on probation with a threat that if he slips up at any of the tour’s events within the next six months he is going to be hit with a 28 day suspension as well as a massive $25,000 fine.

Kyrgios has shown that he does intend to change his actions. He has been made aware of the consequences of his actions if they continue, which could potentially leave him with a devastating end to his career.