NFL Playoff Favorites

With the NFL season a little over halfway through, it is time to begin taking a look at potential playoff teams and their chances to win the Super Bowl. Everyone has their favorite and is cheering for them to do well and everyone wants to have their success betting on the NFL during the postseason. With that, let’s run through some potential good betting odds you can get and some favorites to do well in the playoffs.

Beginning in the NFC Conference, there are two value plays that immediately stand out. The first is the Seattle Seahawks. You will likely never get better odds with Seattle than you will this week. Everyone is down on them after a few poor performances on national television and that will help their odds. The thing with Seattle is this: the exact same thing happened last year. Seattle struggled early in the year and then went on a crushing run late. Why can’t the same thing happen here? Lynch may miss a substantial period of time which could hurt but at the same time, he hasn’t been playing well by his standards and Thomas Rawls has proven more than capable.

Another value play that stands out is the Green Bay Packers. Again, we’re talking odds here. Their odds will never be lower coming off two consecutive bad games, both nationally televised and one was against the struggling Detroit Lions. Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy will get things figured out; they have too good a track record and are too talented for this not to happen. They also play in an easy division besides the Vikings. They should have two free wins against the Lions and Bears the rest of the way and begin to build some chemistry offensively.

In the AFC, the Patriots are the clear favorites but are not a strong betting play. You will not find good odds with them and also, the injuries are really starting to pile up with Edelman, Lewis, and about five offensive lineman. Brady is one of the all-time greats but even he can’t do it alone.

There are better odds to be found and with that let’s turn to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Le’Veon Bell is the best running back in the league when healthy but an ACL injury will end his year. Big Ben has also had a few lower body injuries but has been able to overcome them (over 300 yards off the bench!!). He has two incredible receivers in Brown and the big play machine Bryant. Williams has also been great as a fill in for Bell.

If you’re the risky type, there’s also a case to be made for picking up Denver while the odds are low. Peyton is out but is that really a bad thing? He’s been a turnover machine this year and has zero velocity on his passes. His replacement will have a lot to work with in Thomas and Sanders as well as reliable tight ends Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis. The Broncos selling point though is their defense. Edge rushers Ware and Miller will give quarterbacks no time to throw and if they do, they’ll be throwing against two of the top corners in the game, Talib and Harris. The Broncos need one of their two quarterbacks to be reliable, but if that happens, look out. Strike while these odds are in your favor.