NFL Players that are Likely Playing in Their Final Season

Hanging up the hat is a difficult thing for a lot of pro football players and each year there is a ton of speculation as to who is going to retire and the likelihood that they will never play again. You have players such as Brett Favre a few years ago that continually retired and came back into the league, clearly showing a major internal struggle when it came to giving up the game he loves. On the other hand, you have players like Chris Borland of the San Francisco 49ers who was a budding star in the league, appearing as though he was going to become one of the best defensive players in the game, making the decision to retire after his first season. In order to make the right moves when betting on football, it’s important to know who is playing for their last year. Here are some players that you may not see after the 2015 season is completed.

Peyton Manning
Although Peyton may be one of the league favorites when it comes to his abilities to throw a football, his poise on the field and his overall character off the field, and his drive and determination to fight through injuries, it looks like this might be his last season. There is a bunch of talk about the fact that he can no longer feel his fingertips when he throws the football, due to the spinal injuries and surgeries that he went through a few years ago before joining Denver and he will hit the magic quarterback age of 40 after the season ends, meaning his days are numbered.

James Harrison
There are few people that strike the fear into more offenses than James Harrison and he actually did already retire, although he came to Pittsburgh’s rescue last year and is currently still with the team. His days are coming to a close, as he has suffered injuries and is flat out getting too old to be a linebacker at age thirty seven, so expect 2015 to be the last time you see James Harrison in uniform.

Reggie Wayne
There is no doubt that Reggie Wayne is going to go down as one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game and he is a big reason that Peyton Manning racked up so many yards and wins with Indianapolis. However, he will turn thirty seven years old before the playoffs roll around this year and you can bet that this will likely be the last season that he is a player in the National Football League.

Wes Welker
Although no one really expected him to do too much when he came into the league, he has put up unbelievable numbers and has been a player that has made a massive difference for Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Despite the fact that he is currently a free agent, there is a very good chance that he will end up playing for a team during the season. However, he too is almost thirty five and he has taken so many major hits during his career that he likely is on the way out after 2015.