Move over Super Bowl, Entertainment Betting is Heating Up

With football season just kicking off and basketball season just around the corner, most would think that sports betting is the most popular form of betting around. Think again. Entertainment betting was once overlooked as a gambling alternative but is now a hot option for gamblers across the globe. The demand for more gambling and betting options along with the popularity of head to head competition shows such as American Idol and Survivor, has made many casinos both online and brick and mortar, bring entertainment betting to a wider audience. With so much going on in the world of television, there are a lot of different entertainment betting choices to choose from.

From the Oscars to the Tony’s, award show betting offers lots of opportunities for online entertainment betting. There are so many different type of award shows out today that there is an almost endless supply of different bets that can be made on different venues. With the odds a lot of time in your favor if you know your entertainment. Your chances of winning on an awards show bet can increase if you watch certain shows or follow your favorite celebrity and feel you have an insight as to the outcome based on your knowledge of the show, actor/actress or artist. If you think you can beat the odds maker then make your bet online at one of the many online casinos or sportsbooks. Award show betting is easy with so many awards shows to choose from. Some of the most popular Awards shows to bet on are, the Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, VMA’s, Golden Globe’s and Tony’s. But entertainment betting does not end with award shows.

Reality Television show winners are among the biggest and most popular entertainment bets around. With reality shows dominating the airwaves in popularity and with a cult of loyal fans, it is no wonder why reality show betting has become so popular.

Politics may not seem the place for betting, but with politics and show biz so closely intertwined, the stretch is not that far. Political betting can include everything from choosing the next president to an official issue that is up for vote in congress.

Beauty pageant betting has become highly popular with the increase of formal and informal pageants held year around. With so many women competing in pageants across the country, online betting has brought beauty pageants competitions to an extremely high level of popularity.

From magazines to television, celebrity gossip is part of our daily lives. It should therefore be of no big surprise that betting on the personal lives of the rich and famous has become a popular past-time. Whether it is the next big Hollywood break up or who is expecting the next bundle of joy, celebrity betting will continue to gain in popularity as long as the gossip keeps flowing.

Betting on entertainment is really just another form of entertainment in itself. It offers an alternative to sports betting that still allows for excitement and drama of picking our favorites to win, in an arena where the winner does not necessarily have to be the strongest or fastest or even the most popular.