Most Under-Rated Sports Experiences

Running Of The BullsThere are hundreds of thousands of sporting events that take place across the world each and every year. However, it all comes down to what someone enjoys and what they are looking for. Some enjoy the atmosphere, some enjoy the teams, and some enjoy sports betting online. Naturally, there are some events that are a bit different and even life altering. Some of these events receive plenty of publicity while others go a bit under the radar. Here are some that go under the radar.

Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls is an annual tradition that takes place in Spain. Ultimately, it can either be under the radar or receive too much attention, depending on where someone lives. It doesn’t receive much press in the United States outside of the first day it happens (it takes place over multiple days), while in Europe it may receive too much attention. Ultimately, it really isn’t a sporting event at all, but more of a thrill activity. Regardless though, it is a much experience.

The British Open

In the world of professional golf, The Masters generally receives the most attention. Stuck in the middle of Georgia, this Augusta pride features probably the most beautiful course in the world. However, the event is more about the course than anything else, and it isn’t overly difficult either, as the scores suggest. The Open Championship does not receive as much attention, yet this is basically the birthplace of the sport, which should say something. Plus, the courses are far more difficult. The courses are seeped in history and tend to suit a variety of players, unlike some courses in the US. Online golf betting is legal in the UK and there is a lot of action to be had. Definitely a bucket list event to attend.

PNC Park in Pittsburgh

When it comes to baseball stadiums, there is something truly beautiful about these. Each can almost be considered a work of art as there are no exact measurements when it comes to the outfield shape and design. This is what helps keep the American parks original and worth wild to check out. Most of the attention when it comes to baseball stadiums goes towards Fenway and Wrigley, located in Boston and Chicago. Both should be experienced, but after seeing a game once, someone that is not a fan of the teams doesn’t really need to go back. On top of this, Wrigley field is more of a dump than many would believe. Even with the recent upgrades to the park, it is significantly lacking. PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, goes under the radar due to its location and the team, but it might be the best all around park in the country. The view is unlike any others. There are some fantastic skyline views in other parks, ranging from Detroit to Minnesota, but the view of the rivers, with bright yellow bridges stretching beyond is truly unique and is a must see.

Rose Bowl

If there is one bowl game anyone goes to, it is the Rose Bowl. Even if it is not the national championship game, there is something the Rose Bowl does that no other location can do. From the Tournament of Roses parade to the history of the game, as it is the oldest game every played (with Michigan besting Stanford 42-0 in the initial game), there is true history and beauty in this bowl game that cannot be found anywhere else.