Most Popular Sport For Betting

NFLEvery year, millions of people bet on a variety of different sports. Sports betting is one of the fastest growing areas of online entertainment. Which sports are bet more than others?

NFL Football

By far, professional football is the sport that is the most bet. There are many different ways in which people can bet on football games. First of all, there are still the traditional places where people can bet on games. These casinos tend to get a lot of traffic. College football is also heavily bet on. There are a lot more college football games played each week, so the volume that is bet on the games is never as much as NFL games. The most bet upon game each year by far is the Super Bowl. Every year, hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars are bet on the Super Bowl by people all over the world.

Betting Options

There are a variety of different options for people that want to bet on sports. Traditionally, people would have to go to a casino in order to bet on a sports game. However, with the internet changing the face of online gambling there are actually more people that gamble in the online format than the traditional one. This represents a huge shift in the market, and many people expect this trend to continue over the next couple of years.

There are many states that are changing their laws around gambling online in order to increase tax revenue. New Jersey was one of the first states that decided to legalize online gambling. There are many states in the United States where it is still technically illegal. Overall, gambling is a favorite past time of many people. Football still has the large majority of money bet on it compared to other sports.