Most Disliked Athletes in the Sports World

SportsbookIf you like to watch sports, you likely have your favorite teams and players, as well as athletes that you absolutely despise. Here are some of sports biggest villains, and those individuals that are fun to root against when betting on sports.

Alex Rodriguez – Without a doubt, he has had one of the biggest scandals when it comes to players using steroids, and it is only amplified by the outrageous amount of money he makes each and every year. To make matters worse, he constantly lied and denied the allegations, giving the entire sports world a sour taste in their mouths.

Manti Te’o – Manti captured the hearts of the sports world a few ago when he was struggling through the college football season while playing linebacker for Notre Dame, due to the fact that his girlfriend and the love of his life had recently, tragically died. This was constantly in the news and was and was featured on tons of television specials, and the general public truly felt for him. That is, until it came to light that there was no girlfriend and that he had been lying about it the entire time, although it was said also that he could have been tricked into thinking he was dating a fake internet profile. Either way, he never met the girl and the entire thing was a hoax of some sort.

Tiger Woods – Everyone knows Tiger Woods as questionably the best golfer of all time, but he because even more infamous after the massive cheating scandal, that saw dozens of women come forward claiming relationships with the superstar. This led to a public melt down, including him crashing into a tree and losing sponsorships, and his career has never fully rebounded since.

Michael Vick – Although he has gone to prison and served his sentence and since returned to football, few can forgive the charges that came against him, which included holding dog fights and murdering dogs. The outrage from this incident was massive and he was public enemy number one in the sports world for a long time.

Ray Rice – Video surfed last year of Ray Rice assaulting his girlfriend on an elevator during the off season, knocking her out cold. There was a huge amount of backlash at Ray Rice for the incident, with people calling for him to be permanently banned from the league.