Miami Dolphins Don’t Trust Patriots

The Patriots were accused of cheating by spying on the New York Jets during 2007. This scandal changed the way that the Patriots are viewed by many people. There are some people in football who do not trust the Patriots nowadays, and rightly so. One of these people is the Vice President of the Dolphins. In fact, he actually took steps to attempt to prevent the Patriots from cheating in any way.

During 2007, there was a major scandal involving the Patriots. This scandal was referred to as “spygate”. It really shook up the world of sports, and it is remembered strongly by most football fans who enjoy betting on the NFL. The Patriots are accused of attempting to spy on the coaches by taping them. There was a great deal of debate and controversy surrounding spygate. However, what they did was clearly unethical. It gave them an unfair advantage over their opponents. This scandal caused damage to the reputation of the Patriots that continues to the present day.

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The Miami Dolphins clearly do not trust the Patriots. In fact, their Vice President expressed his concerns about the Patriots before an October game. He told the coach of the Patriots very clearly, “don’t touch my stuff”. He didn’t just tell them either. He actively took measures to prevent any sort of taping. Extra staff went to their stadium, in an effort to prevent any type of spying. The Dolphins are not the only ones with mistrust. The NFL beefed up security when the Jets were at the stadium. The league itself even appears to have a degree of mistrust after spygate.

People who are betting on football are probably wondering what impact this will have on it. Well, it is going to change the forecasted odds. Nowadays, people know that there are extra measures in place to prevent cheating. Therefore, it may be less likely that the Patriots will win coming games. In response to this, people may be less likely to put their money on the Patriots.

The spygate scandal is having lasting impacts on the Patriots. These impacts may be lasting for a long period of time. This is expected to have impacts on the world of sports betting. The impacts are going to be greater now that it appears that there is heightened suspicion and scrutiny on the Patriots. Increased security for two games is a strong indicator that a lot of people really do not trust the Patriots.