Luxbet Collaborates with Unikrn on Sponsorship Deal

Luxbet Collaborates with Unikrn on Sponsorship Deal for All Female CS:GO Unikrn Team

Luxbet, the online betting business of Tabcorp in Northern Territory, Australia has agreed to a sponsorship deal for an all-woman Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) team. The sponsorship is in collaboration with Luxbet’s eSports betting platform provider Unikrn, who initiated the creation of the all-ladies CS: GO team, known as Team Unikrn and to compete professionally in global tournaments.

The Seattle-based eSports betting company hopes to set the standards by which women eSport gamers can train and join the playing field as full-time and professional players competing against male-teams. Luxbet will help provide the financial support needed by the all-female Team Unikrn in all activities and events, including coaching and training exercises, which the team is currently undergoing.

The long-term objective for the sponsorship collaboration is to develop Team Unikrn as the world’s first ever, full-time all-female players, by providing them with the necessary infrastructure on which to focus their attention toward improving their game skills, along with a professional coaching staff to support the all-ladies team during training and competitions.

Tony Quinn, Tabcorp’s Head of Luxbet expressed excitement with their role as co-sponsor to Team Unikrn, in their bid to become one of the world’s best CS: GO female teams. Mr. Quinn admits that they are also fans of female sports players, and that they consider the sponsorship deal as a great way of helping a group of amazing professional female players work together as a team. Their hope is for other firms to step up, by giving their support to women eSports players.

Neda Samini, the Director of People and Culture at Unikrn has been designated as Team Unikrn Manager and is excited that her company is utilising its platform in helping create opportunities for women gamers. Ms. Samini added that even if there are no impossible barriers for women to overcome in order to become professional players, the eSport online gaming communities are male dominated, in which bullying and sexism exist.

The CEO of Unikrn, Rahul Sood said that he has always been a big supporter for women in technology. He explained that since they started Unikrn, they have been actively seeking to endorse women in professional eSports. He added that it took them months to reconnoiter the world’s finest female CS: GO competitive players with a view to building Team Unikrn. Their vision of an ideal future for eSports is one in which men and women, engage in competition either as members of the same team or of opposing teams.

The Unikrn CEO asserts that Team Unikrn is purely in relation to professional competition, which both Unikrn and Luxbet hope, would serve as inspiration to other female players to take steps forward in building a professional career around eSports.
The newly formed Team Unikrn, comprises five women coming from different countries except for Perrine “Lalità” Allesiardo and Sophia “Kim” Benfakir, who both hail from France. The other three include Julia “Julie” Strunkowski from Germany, Melania “Gina” Mylioti from Greece, and Camilla “Parmaviolet” from UK.