Longshot Futures Bets for the NFL Season This Year

Which bets for this season and playoffs are the ones to bet now? Who are the teams or players to keep an eye on when placing bets?

With the start of the NFL season upon us, everyone is starting to cast their predictions, especially when it comes to long shot bets. The biggest team to watch out for this year, who no one are giving a chance, is the San Francisco 49ers. Despite the success that they had under Jim Harbaugh several years ago, nearly winning a Super Bowl, they have a brand new coach in Jim Tomsula and a massive amount of their major players, who were considered the backbone of the team are not on the roster anymore.

Linebacker Patrick Willis retired, Justin Smith retired, as well as Chris Borland, who put up remarkable numbers in his rookie season but made the shocking decision to call it quits after one season. The key to their run game, Frank Gore, is now gone, as well as Michael Crabtree, who was hands down one of their best receivers.

Additionally, Aldon Smith recently got in trouble with the law again and has been cut from the team, leading every sportscaster and analyst to completely cast them out. Don’t throw them out too fast. They are still an incredibly talented team that is angry with the way they performed last year and have brought in some new talent and have gotten better from within. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick worked one on one with Kurt Warner in the off season and further developed his passing game and the addition of Reggie Bush should get the offense going and open up passing lanes for Kaepernick. They are a more than solid underdog pick this year to win it all, as they have nearly struck gold in recent seasons.

As far as individual players go, this is Tony Romo’s year. He had the best year of his career last year and made no major mistakes in big games like he has over the last seven or eight seasons and reportedly had a great training camp. Look for Tony Romo to compete for most valuable player this season.