Liverpool FC Freezes Ticket Prices

betting on footballLiverpool’s owners have halted the previous proposed move to hike the ticket prices and apologized to fans for going ahead with the plans. The owners Chairman Tom Werner and John W Henry saw it all when about 10,000 fans walked out of the Saturday’s match against Sunderland in the Barclays Premier League in the 77th minute protesting the proposed increased of ticket prices to £77 and a seasonal ticket of €1000. The owners were shocked by the amount of abuse directed to them as most loyal fans were chanting, “You greedy b******s, enough is enough” while they walked out of the stadium.

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In recognition of the importance of the connection between the supporters and owners, it is the reason the Liverpool owners chose to act swiftly to prevent prolonged and adverse damage to the club and relationship with the fan base. The American based owners have sort to listened to the concern of the fans and have announced a number of changes to the proposed 2017/18 structure. One of the major changes that has been announced include freezing the revenue generated from ticket prices to the current 2015/16 levels that currently stands at highest match-day price of $885 and the lowest match-day price of $13. On equivalent, the highest season ticket price will be frozen at $1258 while the lowest ticket price at $991.

The owners of the club have chosen to remove the categorization of games regardless of the opposition. The fans will now be expected to pay same average price for every match. Before this move, the owners met with the LFC’s supporters‘ committee and LFC management to address the concerns raised. Parties in the meeting agreed that these concerns were a major hindrance to the engagement and access to Anfield for local children, access for local and young supporters and access too premier league matches.

The announcement was seen as a sign of repairing relationship between supporters and owners. The supporters had planned to carry out more protest in the coming matches between the club and Manchester City and Chelsea. The world of sport has changed, and today betting is the order of the day when it comes to football and other types of sports. There is no doubt the Liverpool’s decision to abolish the game categorization might affect betting on football. Betting some games are considered crucial in football wagers than others. In football wagers it is assumed that some teams are stronger which is the criteria used to assign bet values.

Football is the number one sport when it comes to betting. The standardization of ticket prices may make fans feel like the game is rather not too important as opposed to the long time culture when big games have been charged higher.