Kane Claims Innocence Amid Investiagtion

Buffalo Sabres Forward Evander Kane has found himself in hot water. The fourth overall pick back in 2009 said “I just want to say I’ve done nothing wrong.” Kane conveyed during a very short session with reporters that he would let the legal process take its course, and that he was extremely confident it would prove his innocence. Unfortunately these days, it is just as important to pay attention to everything off the ice as it is to what is happening on it with regards to betting on hockey.

The alleged incident occurred last Sunday night at a hotel where Kane currently resides during the NHL season. The Sabres had returned earlier that day from a game in Boston against the Bruins. Kane was given a personal day after the team was made aware of the allegations, and upon returning to the ice, spoke with his teammates briefly about the situation. The Sabres organization will be following what transpires closely, but are in no means going to rush to judgment.

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It is of great importance to let the legal process take its course, as the Chicago Blackhawks learned earlier this year. Blackhawks Forward Patrick Kane was in a similar situation this fall, being accused of rape. Kane lost his reputation as well as endorsements with companies such as EA Sports during the investigation. Kane was later cleared of any wrongdoing, but his public perception remains tarnished.

The Sabres, the NHL, and Kane’s representation need to share facts and work together on this as it is ongoing to remain fair and impartial and to prevent and further damage until the legal system takes its course. Teammates remain consistent in that they do not believe this situation will be a distraction for the team moving forward. Sabres captain Brian Gianta is doing his best to lead the way. “It’s a serious accusation, but at the same time, that’s what it is at this point in time. And until things change, he’s our teammate, and that’s about it.”

Evander Kane is in his first full season with the Sabres. The seven year veteran was acquired last February in a trade with the Winnepeg Jets, formally the Atlanta Thrashers, who selected him fourth overall int he 2009 NHL Draft. Kane has 13 points in twenty-five games thus far in the season.