Johnny Manziel Needs More Than a Hail Mary

betting on the NFLWhen you think about the status of the current NFL, there is some significant news happening. Peyton Manning won another Super Bowl, Cam Newton is being questioned despite winning an MVP award, and every team is looking to the off season as a chance to rebuild their rosters and fortify their squads. However, one thing that is problematic for each and every team without a quarterback is how you put points on the board while also having a face to sell the franchise. Sometimes teams become desperate and want to overlook the off field concerns of a player to try and capture the on-field talent. (See: Greg Hardy). For the Cleveland Browns, the risk with Johnny Manziel was not a bad one, but it does appear that they came up short (which isn’t a height joke aimed at a quarterback under six feet tall).

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When it comes to betting on the NFL, there are a few rules you need to remember. Vegas sets the line so you know games will always be close. Rivalry and division games can’t be predicted. And, finally, when a player has gotten into trouble a few times, chances are he isn’t going to turn himself around. The sad reality of the Johnny Manziel era isn’t that he was a bust of a pick. On the infamous list of Cleveland quarterbacks since their return in ’99, he may be the most talented one right up there with Tim Couch. Manziel’s problem is that his off the field trouble becomes far more of a problem than his on the field contributions were worth.

Consider the fact that he got into some media trouble while he was first drafted. That’s not a problem. Then consider he was out having a nightlife when he was in his rookie year. Most twenty-one year olds have fun. However, the pattern of behavior started back at Texas A&M when he couldn’t handle discipline, and then was only made worse when you recall former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left the Browns while he still had a contract because of the beef. Football betting isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do as long as you have the right information on your side. What is completely important is to realize you can make more confident decisions based upon the information from both the past and the present, and then projecting that into the future.

Trying to figure out where Johnny Manziel will go in the future is a difficult task. Obviously there are some teams that would make sense for him, as he can instantly improve the odds for any team he would become a part of. There are even still people in the league who say with the right training and effort, Johnny could become a top tier quarterback because of his natural talent. However, if you aren’t able to stay eligible on the field, there is a significant chance that you won’t even make a roster. His troubles are only beginning as we head into the NFL off season.