Jason Day Australian Golfer – Australian Open?

There has been a lot of buzz about Jason Day recently. Day is an Australian golfer that won the U.S. PGA Tour tournament at Whistling Straits a few weeks ago, which brought about a lot of attention to the 27 year old’s golfing career. However, Day has announced that he will not be participating in the Australian Open tournament this year, and he hopes fans will understand.

Day’s wife Ellie is expecting their second child later on this year. Jason announced that he did not want to miss this important event and he wants to be there to support Ellie, so he has decided that he will be stepping down until after their child is born.

“I don’t feel as though I am under any pressure to return to Australia given I won the PGA Championship and I am just hoping everyone back home will understand my situation,” Jason Day told interviewers. “I just want to make sure I am there for Ellie and that she has my support when she has our second child.”

Ellie Day is expecting to have their child in late November or early December this year. Jason explained how there will be plenty of other Australian Open tournaments for him to participate in, but this will be the only opportunity he would have to be there for the birthing of his second child.

The last time Jason Day competed in an Australian Open tournament was when it was played on his home turf in 2013. He placed sixth overall, coming right behind professional golfer Rory Mcllroy. Day was expected to participate in the 2014 Australian Open tournament alongside Jordan Spieth – who won the tournament – and Mccllroy, but he ended up stepping down from the roster after a back injury. It looks like he won’t be participating this year either, but we can expect to see Day in future Australian Open tournaments.

“While I won’t be competing in the Australian Open later this year I am hoping I will have many more Australian Opens ahead of me.”