Is Tiger Woods More Injured Than We Believe?

Tiger Woods is notorious for saying as little to the media as possible. He has managed to keep his business out of the press for the majority of his career. An unfortunate car crash, his sensational divorce and string of extramarital affairs were the only blip on his otherwise steel trap of public relations. Tiger has been injured for a few years, and those keen on betting on golf know that he has not won a major championship since 2008 when he defeated Rocco Mediate in a playoff at the US Open. He was injured at the time, and he has gone downhill ever since.

Someone who was thought to be capable of winning at least 18 major championships sits at 14 with no possible wins in sight. This article explains how Tiger has kept his health under his hat, and you will see that he may be more hurt than he is letting on.

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Back Injuries Are The Worst Possible Injuries

Back injuries are the worst injuries any athlete can suffer. A back injury will force people to walk in a manner that is not conducive to athletic performance, and a golfer cannot create any torque when their back hurts. Tiger has been through back surgeries before, but it is possible that his back is simply not healthy enough to play golf competitively.

Tiger was one of the first golfers to take working out seriously, but he is being betrayed by his body at the moment. He has missed cuts where he never would have before, and it has been seven and a half years since he won a major. The injury toll is a real concern and it begs the question if his training was responsible for some of his injuries.

Tiger Does Not Talk To Us

Tiger prefers to keep much of what he knows to himself. He is just as good at “coachspeak” as any coach in professional sports, and he does not let on when he does not feel well. He may tell the press that he did not feel right, but he does not give a good description of how he feels. He could be in terrible pain, but no one would ever know.

The world is speculating that Tiger Woods is more hurt than he is letting on, but there is no way to know unless he tells us. Tiger is struggling badly at the moment, and 2016 may not be any better if his injuries are as severe as they appear to be.