Is There a New European Tournament on the Football Landscape

betting on footballRumors are swirling in regards to a new “super league” that would bring together many of the big football teams in Europe under one roof. No rumors exist regarding the opinions of several players. Members of the Arsenal club have gone on record stating they strongly oppose any attempts at forming a European Super League. Those interested in soccer betting may be more enthused, but scores of players are not. Talks are occurring regarding the concept of the league and a new tournament.

Talks about the league have occurred in secret. No surprise why rumors about the league are persisting. Leaks out of meeting between those in charge of the Chelsea, Manchester, and Liverpool clubs have led to the circulating rumors. What is known is the representatives did discuss the development of an International Champions Cup. This particular championship would not be part of the actual season. Instead, it would be a pre-season tournament.

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A few reasons exist why the seemingly odd concept of a pre-season tournament makes sense. The reasons are both logistical and business-oriented.

Setting up a new pre-season tournament is going to be a lot easier than setting up a new championship game during the official season. Additionally, the new tournament would be sure to generate a lot more interest during pre-season play. Interest is going to lead to more fan interest. That translates into expanded TV ratings, merchandise sales, and increased betting on football.

The money discussed in relation to television could be significant. The Premier League has signed a new £5 billion TV deal. The funds are going to do a lot towards paying top players and other talent. Some of the money seems to be directed towards new business development ventures. The creation of a pre-season tournament is obviously among those developments. Five Premier League clubs have been alerted to the fact that clubs from Germany, Spain, and Italy are interested in a new league format. The three countries outside the Premier League could end up generating more cash to be able to offset the £5 billion edge the league has gained.

Arsenal and Chelsea don’t seem to want anything to do with any changes to the current football landscape. They may not be of the majority opinion. Fans, various players, and club owners across the European landscape have a lot of enthusiasm for the endeavor. The fans get much more to root for. Club owners and players have added media exposure and profit potential. Players and clubs that have struggled during season play could use a pre-season tournament as a good way to hype interest and enthusiasm for a new season. Doing so may offset a weak previous season.

And then there are those involved with betting on football. Casinos and sportsbooks have a lot to gain putting out even more wagering options to gamblers.

Nothing concrete exists right now. Everything is still on the drawing board, and nothing definitive is moving forward. Whether or not things move out of the planning stages does remain to be seen.