How Will Virtual Reality Effect How We Watch Football?

With each technology advance in entertainment there is no surprise that football in the United States has the best formula for the entertainment/sports/betting on sports mix. Let’s call it “sportertainment” from here on.

Virtual Reality (VR) is already being utilized for advanced training; to avoid injury, increase reps, and reduce probability. Any football fan will tell you that their franchise is the best “for this guy as QB” or because the most sacks was the other guy, whatever, where it really happens is on the training field. Teams using drones or GoPros for video playback are presented with unique vantage points and accurate POVs. Problem is the damn thing shakes and blurs out if the left tackle turns too quickly. And Drones will have fly-zone restrictions and god forbid one falls from the sky and hits someone.

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Where VR promises to provide a better option is not “what happened the other day” but “what would happen if you keep getting it right”. Lower body injuries are literally a pain, so any time that would have been spent on the field, can now be spent in a high tech studio surrounded by insane massive computers figuring out; best routes, formation recognition, real time counts, and basic play strategy. A grass roots technique with 21st century application to an otherwise useless player. That’s awesome! The injured player should not incur aggregate injuries in VR with no hits or flat out running.

If NFL or college programs can use the technology properly and players are willing to put in the extra time to understand how to become effective by using the technology, One would dare say they have created the soup for a “perfect game”. As impossible that it seems, you may break it down to statistics.

Given the above prerequisites:

Q: Team 1 making plays on the field and reviewing it on a white board has a 57% completion rate and Team 2 can do that and use the technology to rerun for an extra few hours a week can bump that to say a shade under 70%, what do you have?

A: The difference between the first place and last place teams this year.

Odds are always best when you can assume that the team who will win at the end of the season can find a more efficient way of training.