How will The NFL Solve Its Concussion Problem?

Concussions in football are a major problem for players and teams alike. Players are leaving the game every year with severe headaches, broken bodies, faulty memories and cases of CTE that could lead to suicide. The NFL has fought to cover up the effects of concussions in the past, and new helmets have not yet been approved for players. While it may seem trivial in comparison, NFL betting is greatly affected by these types of injuries to players. This article explains what the NFL must do to solve its concussion problem before the issue gets out of hand.

Mothers Are Not Having It

Mothers around America are not allowing their boys to play football in unprecedented numbers. Some former NFL players have gone on national television to say they would not let their own children play football if they had it to do all over again. The mothers of America are opting for games that pay professionals more fairly, are safer and appear to have fewer injuries overall. The mothers of America are clearly turning to basketball and baseball for their sons.

The NFL Must Come Clean

Everything the NFL has done to cover the effects of concussions must stop immediately. The league must come clean about what it has done to cover up concussion research, and the league must offer better services for retired players. The average player only lasts for three years in the league, but each player leaves the league with a host of health problems. The NFL’s honesty will likely lead to better reforms.

Better Helmets

The NFL must research and approve better helmets for its players. There is amazing technology that can be used today in football helmets, and the helmets could be deployed immediately if the league worked harder on its helmets. These helmets will help prevent some injuries, but helmets cannot solve every problem found in the league.

Better Technique

Better technique is the only thing that will dramatically cut down on injuries. Injuries happen when players abandon their technique during a game, and the techniques must be taught to young kids who are allowed to play the game. A new generation of NFL players will be able to use better techniques to tackle, and the techniques will cut down on injuries. Some parents will not approve of the game regardless of the techniques used in tackling, but proper technique in the NFL will make the game safer.

Less Games

The NFL may need to cut its season at some point. Shortening the pre-season will prevent injuries, and the league may need to cut games from its schedule. The league is reluctant because of how much money it makes, but the league will need to make a change at some point. It is possible that a player will die on the field before real change is enacted regarding the schedule.

The NFL can solve its concussion problem by following the steps in this article, but the league may not want to change. The NFL is the richest league in the world, and they would give away money while rectifying this problem.