How Jordan Spieth Won the 2015 Masters

PGA TourWhen Jordan Spieth won the 2015 masters in Augusta Georgia on April 12th, it came as little surprise to those that have been following his very short career here on the PGA tour. For those betting on golf, it was only a matter of time before this young kid had a major under his belt, and he chose the most glamorous of stages to run the table from Thursday to Sunday. If you have not been following the career of this young champion, it may have come as a huge surprise to see him make even the seasoned professionals scratch their heads at his dominance on one of the hardest courses in the tour.

For those involved with golf betting, following trends is a popular way to predict what players have the best chance to finish at the top of the leader board on Sunday afternoon. When it comes to the Masters, this golf course is designed better for many of the veterans who have played it and memorized the breaks in the greens for the years. This however is Jordan’s second time playing Augusta as a PGA professional, and despite his recent climbs to the top of the leader board, this was going to be a huge challenge for him to get his first major.

One thing that stood out with young Jordan Spieth was that he not only played tournaments right up to the week of the Masters, he was either winning or coming in second against the best players in the world. He took that momentum into Thursday at Augusta and posted an incredible 64. Now many players have posted low numbers on the first day, but usually the pressure of that top spot kill their focus and they score much higher the next few rounds.

When Jordan Spieth took to the coarse in Augusta for day two, his focus was on staying ahead of the field, and he dissected the course once again and posted a 66. Heading into Saturday with the lead and several of the best players in the world on his heels, Jordan never let them affect his focus. He posted a 70 on Saturday, and went to bed that final night with the 54 hole lead. It seemed every time that a player got close, Jordan made an incredible putt to pull away. If he made an occasional bogie, he never let it distract him, and would post a birdie soon after. Those betting on golf who chose Jordan, knew they had a great chance for a victory after watching his game thus far.

Jordan took that lead into Sunday, and began play like he did the rest of the week. He did not let the roars at Augusta distract him, as eagles were flying all around him that day. He put his foot to the pedal and closed out the day with another 70, winning the Masters with a record breaking 18 under par. At one point he had the lead to 19, a record that has never been accomplished at Augusta, even by Tiger Woods. As far as golf betting, Jordan become the 2nd youngest to win the Masters, set scoring records along the way, and won wire to wire for the first time in decades.

Jordan Spieth is just starting his PGA career, and if Sunday at Augusta was an indication, this professional, courteous, and brilliant young man are going to be on the minds of golf fans for decades to come.