How Does NASCAR Scoring Work? How To Bet NASCAR?

NASCAR is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States in terms of popularity. Many Americans love watching the sport, but there is also a large group of individuals who enjoy the sport but don’t understand how the scoring works. NASCAR has done a considerable amount to help make this easier for everyone involved, which is why it has switched to a point system. For every race during the major circuit, each race is awarded points, and at the end of the season, the teams with the most amount of points are allowed to race for the Sprint Cup. Understanding these points is essential for any sports fan and for anyone who is looking to bet on NASCAR.

For starters, every race is worth the same amount of points. While some races are viewed as more important in terms of spectators and national viewership, each race counts the same amount, so for the racers, it is important to perform as well as possible for every race, not just the bigger named races.

During every race, the most points a driver is able to win is 48. The first place finisher receives 43 points. The second place finisher receives 42 points, third place receives 41 points and so on down the line. If the winner of the race also leads the most laps, they receive three bonus points. There is also an additional bonus point for leading just one lap. If someone leads four or five laps during the race they still only receive one point. There is additional bonus point for leading the most laps. If someone leads the most laps but does not win the race they only receive the one additional point, not the three bonus points plus the one additional lap leading point.

Over the course of the season there are 26 races. All of the points are accumulated, so the idea is to score the mots points throughout the season. At the end of the first 26 races, the points are called up officially and the top 10 racing teams move ahead to the The Chase. Another two drivers are added to the field to make it 12. These two drivers are the racers who won the most races but did not make it into the top 10 for one reason or another.

For individuals looking towards racing betting, there are a few different ways to bet. Betting on NASCAR can be rather straight forward and an individual can simply bet on who wins the race. They can also bet on who receives the most points during the race. It is possible for someone to finish behind someone in the finishing position but still win more points (such as someone finishing 4th and someone finishing 5th but they lead the most laps). NASCAR betting can be long term as well and individuals can bet on if a particular team or driver is going to make it to The Chase. From there, they can bet on who wins The Chase.