How do you follow your Favorite Team?

Depending on your sport and team of choice there are tons of options to choose from with the ability to customize. Here are a few of our favorite platforms.


Twitter has become the #1 place online to get sports news as it is happening. You find twitter accounts being quoted on ESPN, FOX, and every other sports news site. The way to get the most out of twitter is looking at accounts from your favorite reporters, athletes and coaches. This will allow you to get the information in real-time from who you like to hear it from. You can also set text alerts for your favorite tweeters.


Facebook works a lot like Twitter but gives the user the ability to post longer content and is easier with media. For those are used to looking through your feed you can like pages from your teams, athletes and news outlets. This way when you find out the news in your social circle you also are caught up on the news. You can also get into discussions with the comments feature.


ESPN has a few different apps to choose from. From their ESPN Radio, Watch ESPN, ESPN App, Fantasy apps and more. With all of these choices, it can be difficult to get the content you are looking for. Most of the apps can be frustrating to use. The use of Watch ESPN though is great when you are looking to get access to live sporting events on the move.

Overall Twitter and Facebook are two of your best options to keep up on all of the news on the fly. Stick to ESPN when you are looking for video content.