Holm’s Team Wins Big from UFC 193 by Betting on a Rousey Defeat

In what is considered as the most monumental upset in the history of UFC, American Holly Holm gave Ronda Rousey, a rousing defeat in from of 56,000 spectators at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne last Sunday. In almost a minute of going into the second round, the American 16-1 outsider landed a vicious left headkick that ended Rousey’s three-year reign as undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

The odds against a Holm win was available from 10-1, but it was an odds price that the Holm team took advantage of as they were confident their Holly, would disappoint Rousey supporters. Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s agent and promoter confirmed that they won a hefty six-figure jackpot betting on the results of UFC 193 marquee event, and commented that he was sorry for the bookies that placed a high price against a Holly Holm win.

Frequez told reporters that not a single member of the team doubted a Holly win, as they pooled money to place as bet on their fighter. Holly was the underdog all right, but her team was in a better position to know that the odds against her winning the UC 193 championship bout were high. He remarked jokingly that he wished he had placed more money since he had always predicted that Holm was destined to give Rousey her first defeat, although he did admit that he won a six-figure share from the money the team had placed as bet.

Frequez said he has always believed in Holly because she conquered whatever obstacles they placed in front of her. As long time agent and promoter to Holm, he calls the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion a “role model, “demonstrating dedication, compassion, loyalty and grit. He describes her further as an amazing person and an exceptional fighter, to which “The Preacher’s Daughter” moniker fits her to a tee.

The 34 year old Holm, a former Women’s Division World Boxing Champion also made record as the first professional boxer to ever win World Championship Titles, in mixed martial arts and in boxing. The UFC 193 fight though, is Holm’s most notable performance in mixed martial arts as she had given Ronda Rousey a resounding knock out.

“The Preacher’s Daughter” had beaten all odds. She created the most iconic UFC event that stunned millions of mixed martial arts fans, by rendering Rousey defenseless after lashing out with a powerful head kick to put down Rousey, following it up with a couple of pummels that sent both Rousey and Holm fans into a momentary state of frenzy. An epic finish seemed imminent as Rousey was struggling to get Holm on the ground in the first round. Holm. However, Holm simply circled away from her using excellent footwork. Rousey tried to dominate by chasing the elusive Holm around the Octagon but instead found herself at the receiving end of Holm’s solid punches and kicks.

UFC later announced that UFC 193 was a massive success and was in fact a record-breaker with the Rousey-Holm main event raking in more than AU$9 million at the gates of Etihad alone. UFC President Dana White has already suggested a rematch, to which the new UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm quickly agreed.