Helpful Tips And Advice For Betting On Snooker Online

SnookerSnooker has gained popularity worldwide. It is a cue sport played on a green cloth covered table with pockets in each corner and one along each side. It is played with 22 balls and cue sticks. This game is known is very similar to games known as, ‘Pool’ or ‘Billards’. Though the game is a bit different, the online betting action is just a much fun as some of the other games gamblers are more familiar with.

How to Get Started with Snooker Betting Online

The first step is to create an online betting account. Using one of the sites listed above and filling out their registration will set up an account. The information they need is basic (name and email) and should only take a few minutes to complete. Once the account is setup it will require a deposit, normally made through a credit card but there will be a list of options to choose from.
That is all it takes to get started, snooker betting online can now be done.

Snooker Betting

A money line bet is the most popular type of snooker betting. This is done by wagering which player will win a match. Odds are listed for each player so it is known how much can be won if the chosen player wins. An underdog gets a player more money than the favorite by risking the same amount. Placing bets on teams with higher chances of winning will payout less money.
Another favorite is prop bets on snooker matches. This is where bets are made on which player will win the first frame, handicap betting, how many frames will be played etc. These are interesting ways to keep the game fun if one player is clearly a favorite to win. Future bets are a poplar way to bet on snooker by picking who one thinks will win the Masters or World Championship.

Understanding the Odds

Knowing what betting odds are is essential when placing bets online. Every bet made has odds associated with them. There are three formats for running odds found on the online betting sites; decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds. Different sportsbooks will use different formats- this is how the different formats work:

* Decimal odds- are commonly used in Europe and easy to understand. The calculation to figure the odds using this format would be: New York Giants 2.40 with decimal odds at 1.625, multiply bet placed by the decimal odds like this; a bet of $100 x 2.40 = $240 payout, then subtract to find winnings- $240 payout minus $100 (bet) = $140 winnings.

* Fractional odds- these are used when betting futures or where there are several possible outcomes. The format would look like this; New York Giants 7/5 and Detroit Lions 5/8. The numerator is the amount won by betting the denominator ($5 bet on the Giants would win $7)

* American odds- are commonly used in North America and show how much must be risked to get a specific return. This format would look like this; New York Giants +140 and Detroit Lions -160 would mean betting on the Lions, $160 has to be risked to win $100. The negative sign indicates that amount has to be risked. To bet on the Giants, $100 must be risked to win $140. The positive sign indicates this amount will be won when $100 is bet.