Golden State Warrior’s Winning Streak History This Season

The Golden State Warriors record breaking streak of 24 wins in this season just came to an end. The memorable run began on October 27 when Warriors defeated New Orleans Pelicans 111 to 95. It was a shock reunion for Pelican coach Alvin Gentry, a former Warriors assistant coach. The second win came at Houston when the Warriors rocked the Rockets on October 30th with a 20 point victory of 112 to 92 bringing joy to those involved in NBA betting by putting their money behind the warriors.
On October 31st, Stephen Curry grabbed 53 points as the Warriors emerged winners with 134 points against the Pelicans’ 120. He closed the night having 53 points with 28 of those realized in the third quarter, a career high for Curry. On November 2nd, the visiting Grizzlies got smashed 119 to 69. The Warriors defensive play was on another level, as Draymond Green proved brilliant in the game. The Grizzlies only managed 69 points out of 96 shots.
The Clippers had their turn on November 4th loosing the game by 4 points after scoring 108 to the Warriors 112. It was a game where Festus Ezeli took the chance to introduce himself to the audience by viciously blocking a dunk from Blake Griffin. On November 6th, Festus continued with his amazing run with a magical dunk against the Nuggets thus enabling his team to win by 119 to 104. The best play of the season by Curry saw Golden State Warriors register impressive results in their matches. Curry evoked the memory of last season when he made a 40 foot shot after stealing the ball on November 11th as the Warriors defeated the Grizzlies 100 to 84.
Prior to the Timberwolves game on November 12th, Curry had not had a 3-pointer blocked since their game against the Hawks on March 18. Andre Miller nearly did it but Curry finally made the shot as the Warriors defeated the Timberwolves by 129 to 112 points. On November 14th, Iguodala decided the game against the Nets with a perfectly timed 3 pointer to tie the game. The Warriors emerged winners at full time with 107 points to 99 points. On November 19th, the Warriors visited the Clippers. They stormed back from 23 points down in the last six minutes to win the game by 124 to Clippers’ 117 thus delighting those involved with betting on basketball.
Warriors’ wins that followed includes a win over the Lakers by 111 to 77 on November 24th and the Suns on November 27th with a score of 135 to 116 for the Suns. On November 28th, playing against the Kings, the Warriors had a win of 120 points to 101 followed by a narrow win against the Utah Jazz of 106 to 103 on November 30th. On December 2nd the Warriors won against the Hornets by 116 to 99 points before narrowly beating the Raptors 112 to 109 on December 5th. Next on the slaying hedge of the Warriors were Brooklyn Nets, Pacers, and the Celtics. This was before the Bucks put an end to their winning streak by defeating the Warriors 108 to 95 on December 12th.