Get Ready for the President’s Cup

Despite the professional golf season approaching the end of its season, betting on the PGA Tour can be accomplished with the upcoming President’s Cup matches commencing in October. Captains for the competition include Jay Haas for the United States and Nick Price for the International squad. The match play has been altered a bit this year. There will be five four-ball and five foursome matches on Thursday and Friday versus six in previous years. Saturday will have four four-ball and four foursome matches versus five in prior competitions. The final matches on Sunday include every player on each squad squaring off in match play which often time determines the ultimate President’s Cup winner. Any match on Thursday through Sunday that ends in a draw after 18 holes will result in one half of a point to each team instead of sudden death to determine a winner.

The President’s Cup will take place at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club located in Incheon, South Korea. The International team will have two local players competing on its team including Sang-Moon Bae who was a captain’s selection, along with Captain’s Cup point’s qualifier Danny Lee. On the United States side, Captain Jay Haas selected Phil Mickelson who finished 30th on the points list, yet was selected for his prior experience in the President’s and Ryder Cup. This marked the first time a player ranked so low in the points standings was selected to a President’s Cup team. Conversely, Captain Nick Price did not elect to do the same by bringing in Ernie Els to the International team. Anyone betting on golf will submit that Mickelson will be a tough out on Sunday’s match play competition.

There are many interesting Sunday matchups to follow if golf betting. At the top, a Jordan Spieth against Jason Day match. Day would appear to have the edge due to his solid play, winning three tournaments since the British Open while Spieth has missed the cut for the past two weeks. Bubba Watson may be pitted against Louis Oosthuizen, both of which have turned in solid 2015 results. Yet Bubba Watson has enjoyed more success in worldwide competitions while Oosthuizen owns a career one win, three loss, and one time mark. Zach Johnson winner of the British Open could be competing against Hideki Matsuyama . One would expect the same outcome as Oosthuizen since Matsuyama has not done well competing at the President’s Cup.

Locally in Korea, many eyes will be on matches involving Danny Lee and Sang-moon Bae. Most expect Lee to compete on Sunday against Chris Kirk who has missed a few months this year due to a broken hand. Lee would be the favorite, namely due to playing in 74 events in 2015 which includes one victory and three other top 10 finishes. Bae could face Mickelson which would be a poor draw since Mickelson will be as loose as any player with his years of experience. In addition, Bae will have a lot on his mind since if he is permitted to play, he will be off to fulfill his military obligation after the President’s Cup is completed.