Football Fans Angered Over Rising Ticket Prices

football wagersFootball fans angered over rising ticket prices are hoping to gain lower entry fares for games by protesting against the increase. Seeing the game of the season or every game of football is an ongoing conversation in some households. Betting on football is a pastime for some groups. Even this activity may slow with a boycott of football attendance. Interest in the games may dwindle with some refusing to go through boycott group areas. Certainly, game day enthusiasm will take a hit.

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A few fearless fans are braving the elements to protest ticket prices for sports events in the UK. Upset fans staged a walk out at Anfield during a Sutherland game and there may be more to come if ticket prices are not set at an affordable price for fans. The seating capacity of 44,742 people, if reduced, will put a damper on the Liverpool and other cities football game energy.

Sports fans are the heart of a football game. Their energy rings throughout the stadium, carrying the drive to win to audiences unable to sit in the stands. Players have jobs, only because of those willing to pay ticket prices and cannot be ignored by management. Remove this important factor; and the zest for the game diminishes.

Ticket buying customers have become disgruntled with high prices during a slow economy. Groups are conversing with FSF (Football Supporters Federation). Prices may push native fans away if the league does not find an answer, leaving a select financial group or tourist in the stands. Regular fans are hardest hit by high prices and are struggling to attend games on a steady basis.

Will Management Listen?

n 2015, prices held but pressure is on, to release this price hold and allow tickets to move to what’s considered too steep for the average fan. Regular followers of football teams are not happy with this possibility. Fans want team management to listen to ticket price concerns. The loyal fan base may use a lack of football wagers, as an added tool to lower ticket prices.

It is understood, that television endorsements are important but without fans in the stadium, the energy of the game even with fans watching on television is lost. The game needs fans in the seats to remain truly interesting. Fans banning together to gain lower ticket prices, are heard loud and clear, by the industry.

A decision was reached to make 30 pounds the price for a ticket. However, this requires a vote by at least 14 of the participating clubs. Now, the agreement remains in limbo due to a shortage of interest in this price. Still, an agreement is possible.

Management is considering every possible solution; all clubs are making an effort to make tickets affordable for fans to attend games. By the time the football season begins, owners expect a happy medium will be reached.