Factors that have Seen Noah Rubin Turn Pro

Recently, Noah Rubin became a professional tennis player. The athlete started playing at the South Shore public courts before playing in the lush tennis courts of Wimbledon. Today, Noah is playing in the courts of Wake Forest University. Noah has exhibited dedication and hard work; factors that have seen him achieve his lifelong dream.

The 19-year-old Rubin hails from Merrick. He is a freshman and a professional athlete. Over the year, Rubin has had exciting experience. In July, he won the Wimbledon junior title and proceeded to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he clinched the USTA championship. The tournament enabled Noah to enter the U.S. Open main draw. Even though he managed to play, he lost during the first cycle. That loss served to fuel his interest in becoming better in the future. To this end, he enrolled at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he has become a tennis sensation. He was voted the most successful player of Wake Forest University. Since joining Wake University Forest, Noah has only lost in the NCAA championship finals. He was picked by the USTA as one of the participants in the yearly Easter Tennis Program event. The event that is held in the White house granted him the opportunity to play with President Obama.

The decision he made in early June has paid off. He has joined the list of the promising players. It is believed that through tennis betting, the popularity of Rubin will increase. Rubin believes that he is in a better place now in terms of training and preparation for the forthcoming events. He is more confident and ready to take on the challenge of professional tennis. His decision to go pro was made after he noticed some of the players he had competed against and even defeated had gotten on the tour. He believes that he is on the right path and with the support from his father who doubles up as his coach, Eric; he is making the right choice. The entire experience has been an eye opener and has helped him focus on his goal.

Eric Rubin is very confident in his son’s ability. His stay at the college proves that Noah has all it takes to make it and succeed. The experiences have boosted his confidence levels as he considers them a learning curve. His skills will enable betting on tennis gain ground in the recent years.

Noah, who started playing while still young, has been a member of John McEnroe Academy, which is on Randall’s Island. The director of the institution, Lawrence Kleger, has been his co-coach since he was seven. Lawrence has seen his growth and development on the court. He knew that Noah would be successful and proceed to the next level. The future looks bright for the former Wimbledon junior champion. His success has been an inspiration to many young people.