Cricket Is Taking Sports Betting to A New Level.

betting on cricketOne of the fast rising games in the world sporting scene is cricket. Cricket is now being played all over the world, from the Maasai cricketers in Kenya to international players in large capacity stadiums. This is a common thing to seen cricket news on your favorite news channel. The support this sport is great. These days, cricket games manage to attract large crowds that feel the stadiums. The International Cricket Council is the body that oversees cricket affairs all over the world. According to this body, the past few years have marked a new beginning for the game. There has been a rapid increase in support of the game. This development in the game has also been reflected by the rapid increase in the number of fans betting on cricket.

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There are a lot if cricket games being played the world worldwide on a daily basis. This includes both local and international games. Australia is one of the countries that has been playing cricket for a long time. They have not only been playing, but they have been playing it so well. It is among the top teams in the world standing based on the International Cricket Councils’ ranking. Recently the team managed to hit the number one spot in the world rankings. This was a good enough reason for the team to celebrate as they have been eying this spot for quite a long time. The team is to be awarded a huge cash amount and a congratulatory trophy for their efforts in the coming annual International Cricket Councils’ awards on April 1. The Australian cricket team will be looking forward to posting even better performances in the oncoming World Twenty20 championship in India. They will be looking to cement their top position.

According to the Australian team, the main challenge is never hitting the top spot but maintaining your position at the top spot. By analyzing the recent performance of the Australian team, you can conclude that they are in their best form at the moment. They have already managed to beat the once unbeatable teams like New Zealand. Their recent victory was at Christchurch, where they managed to beat New Zealand in a two-match series. Sports analysts say that Australia has best performance history this past season compared to any other team. Their win-loss record has also been a good one going down the history lane. It among the few teams that have managed to stay at the number one spot for a very long time. It holds a record for staying at the top spot in the ranking from 2003 to 2009. They have also been dominant in most games since 1995.

As they go for World Twenty20 championship in India, they are one-time cricket fans should take seriously. Any fan who is looking for a good team to place their bet on, they got Australia. You can easy bet for this team through online cricket betting from a trusted website that has been authorized by the International Cricket Council. Other teams, you should also watch out for in the oncoming world championship are South Africa, England, and India. This three-team have been battling for the top spot since 2009 when Australia was displaced. Though they are not in a very good form as compared to Australia currently, they are expected to give cricket fans a thrilling competition.