Create Your Own Fantasy Football League

NFL FantasyThe National Football League (NFL) gets started up again on September 9th and with it comes another year of Fantasy Football. Many join public leagues or create their own by enlisting their family members, friends, and coworkers. There are many online options available to put together a league and nearly all are free of charge. Websites used most often include,,,, and

There is no manual work required as each of the sites maintains the statistical data that determine the winner of each week’s slate of games, and do so in real time so one can follow the progress of their teams throughout the day.

There are a couple of steps one will follow to start a fantasy football league. A league is set up generally with eight to twelve teams. Always keep the league to an even number of teams since weekly scheduling is too difficult if your league has an odd number. Name the league and have each team member do the same for the team they will manage. Setting the date of the draft is next, which all should agree upon the specific date and time. If one team is not available on the draft date, the site used will select a squad on their behalf.

The commissioner of the league will set the league rules that all team members ought to agree upon. The rules include the scoring, number of teams to participate in the playoffs, waiver wire rules, and voting on player trades. Lastly, the league will determine if an entry fee will be required to participate. Cash league entry fees range from $20 to upwards of $250. Typically, the pot is distributed out to those that finish the year in the top third of the standings. For example in an eight team league with a $20 entry fee, first place will be awarded $90, second earns $50, and third takes in $20.