Conor McGregor to Face Youthful Jose Aldo

Will Conor McGregor prove lethal in the ring as he normally is at the box office? McGregor has established himself as a real contender, but can he beat world featherweight champion Jose Aldo? Boxing is a real game, and one can bet on fighting. McGregor did not only beat a tough contender in Dennis Siver, but he also demolished him. The Irish boxer has always been a potential box office sensation. MMA will finally have a new champion. The betting on the UFC is expected to boom in the wake of the fight. It is clear that the UFC currently lacks a new star to drive the fan-base. McGregor has the star power and charisma that cannot be denied. He is a top fighter and possesses some of the best offensive stand-up skills in the game. However, more than just tactics, it is the way his skills are seemingly customized for a fight against a boxer like Jose Aldo. McGregor is currently the most active boxer in the featherweight category. He increases the pace as he controls the distance with typical preternatural ingenuity for spacing and timing. He chases his opponents into the ring, lashing out with the left hand. That is among the most powerful weapons to be possessed by any fighter below 155 pounds.

Aldo is however, a very different type of a fighter. He is a skilled counter and puncher. He will aim to bust McGregor while he pursues him with punches that could potentially change the formula of the fight. What is so great about the Brazilian is that he is pretty passive until the moment to strike arrives. When you integrate that with his devastating leg kicks, you have what can be termed as a recipe for destruction. Nonetheless, McGregor is an expert of space on top of having an extensive reach edge. Against Aldo, the Irishman will enjoy a 4-inch reach edge and more importantly, he understands how to utilize it. McGregor’s posture makes him awfully vulnerable to leg kicks. Ironically, that is a good weapon against Aldo. It is an interesting fact that it is pretty really hard to hit someone with leg kicks when you’re terribly pushed back into a corner. UFC betting will distinguish statisticians from guessers.

McGregor inevitably squeezes his opponents with all his power. It is his signature style of fighting. However, McGregor is extra aggressive. Hence, he is vulnerable to a boxer dropping levels and placing him on his back. The risk is that when the Octagon door closes, one cannot be sure that McGregor has all that it takes to trounce Aldo. Similarly, many people were very optimistic that Chad Mendes could get the job done since is a horrifying ball of terror. Nonetheless, combat sports are all about tactics renewal. Although the old styles are inevitably replaced by the new, often through force, it is stunning and terrible to hold. It is worth noting that Aldo, despite his half-decade world reign, is just 28. The Brazilian still yearns to be the top boxer. No fighter has ever tested Aldo adequately. Alexandre Mendes came closest, but he still lost four out of five rounds. Therefore, McGregor will be required to be at his best to counter the challenge.