Conor Mcgregor Knocks Out Aldo and Wins Featherweight Title

The Jose Aldo-Conor McGregor match shows exactly how the events of a mixed martial arts match can never be predicted. With a wicked hook-line punch, McGregor knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds. In a blip, the match was over and shockwaves traveled through the sports world. Even long time fans of the UFC and MMA were stunned at how quickly Aldo went down. And he did go down in spectacular fashion.

Those who are into UFC betting and put their money on Conor McGregor may have missed the opportunity to see a very exciting back-and-forth match. They definitely did not miss an opportunity to visit the proverbial pay window though. Whether a fighter wins in 13 seconds or 13 minutes is irrelevant to payouts. Still, the short, explosive clash reveals a lot to anyone who wants to wager on mixed martial arts. Essentially, anything can happen when betting on the UFC.

The match took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. No one would ever call McGregor a “tomato can” or a weak fighter who was expected to lose. McGregor is an outstanding competitor who has scored a host of impressive wins. This is why he was awarded a title shot at Aldo, the featherweight champion. No one expected the match to end so quickly or so decisively. Fans all have their own favorites and opinions about both fighters pulling out a win were credible.

And then the fight came and went. Conor McGregor ends up going down in the record books as the man who won the fight and the title. Will there be a rematch? If Aldo is able to work his way up the rankings into title contention, the odds are yes.

There are those cynics who may attest the knockout was “pure luck”. How could a fighter as great as Aldo go down so quickly and with only one punch? Well, it happened and McGregor was the winner because of it. Calling the outcome a fluke is very unfair to McGregor. If he were a weak, journeyman fighter who did not train very much for the bout then calling the outcome a fluke would make much more sense.

His consistent and focused training for the match allowed him to be very well prepared. The outcome of the bout was surely surprising. No one is going to argue that point. The end result was achieved after a very focused athlete invested the necessary time to train for the event. He came out a winner as did anyone who put money on him while betting on the UFC that night.

UFC betting can sometimes be more predictable. Such was not the case with this particular event. McGregor may have been deemed an underdog in certain odds-maker circles, but his skill and dominance in various bouts made him a lot more than an underdog.