College Football Playoff Prediction

The college football season is entering its final weeks, a time when an upset can make or break a team’s entire season. With such high stakes for those betting on college football playoffs, each team is playing their hardest to rise in the ranks with those top five teams fighting for a chance to make it to the championship. This week in particular will be one to remember, as a committee will reveal which four teams will participate in the second annual College Football Playoff. The process of selection is not entirely clear, leaving many wondering how the CFP will come together.

Like last year, the main focus will be placed on strength of schedule and record, which is bound to make a strong argument for both independent Notre Dame and steadily rising Oklahoma, who has a chance to win the Big 12 this coming weekend.

Clemson, stationed comfortably at number one, is likely the top contender and a shoe-in for the playoffs. Their undefeated season has been impressive with one of the toughest schedules of all the top 5 teams combined.

Another SEC team that is sure to make it into the playoffs is Alabama. Though they have one loss under their belt, Alabama’s loss was to a strong team and they have been unshakable since.

Two spots taken, two spots left. Clemson and Alabama are easy choices if they win out their seasons but the gap is tighter between the remaining teams. Ohio State’s loss increased the CFP openings from one to two.

Filling the third spot is the Iowa Hawkeyes. As one of only two undefeated teams in the top 25, the Hawkeyes’ ascension in the polls has been impressive and it’s probable that the team will stay undefeated after playing Michigan State, who won what is arguably the season’s number one upset in beating number one and undefeated Ohio State.

The final spot will likely be taken by either Notre Dame or Oklahoma, both one-loss teams that have strong cases. It may seem that Notre Dame has the strongest advantage since they beat Texas with a 35 point win. The same Texas that blemished Oklahoma’s season when they defeated the Sooners in the Red River Rivalry. However, the selection committee’s chairman, Jeff Long, has hinted at the Big 12’s notable strength of schedule toward the end of the season. Furthermore, if Oklahoma wins the Big 12, that win could possibly negate the Leprechaun’s common opponent advantage.

Oklahoma has a chance at being champions of their conference this weekend and if they win against number nine, Oklahoma State in the Bedlam Battle, it will top off their season as the third ranked win in their conference. The stakes in college football betting are tighter than ever and the results could prove interesting for fans of Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

Many argue that should OU win their final game, they should jump Notre Dame in the polls. An argument that Notre Dame is looking forward to shutting down.

Both Notre Dame and Oklahoma go into their final games this coming week against teams that figured to be in the top 10 CFP committee’s next ranking which will be announced on ESPN.