Chip Isn’t The Only Coach On the Hot Seat

This week’s firing of Eagles coach Chip Kelly was no surprise to Eagles fans. They wanted him gone. He isn’t the only NFL head coach that hasn’t lived up to expectations. A number of coaches are on the hot seat this year. Here’s a few coaches to watch for when betting on football, that may have a hard time pleading a case to keep their jobs for next year.

Chuck Pagano has missed the playoffs this year in an AFC south division that has been dominated by the Colts for forever. Although the star quarterback Andrew Luck was hurt the majority of the season, the progress seems to have slowed. In his defense, Ryan Grigson the general manager has had a terrible off-season with a bunch of questionable trades and free agent signings. It seems as though Chuck has one more shot at getting to the AFC championship next year or he is gone.

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Tom Coughlin has had one of the worst coaching performances of his career. The two-time Super Bowl winning coach has missed the playoffs for the fourth year in a row. Granted he has been riddled with injuries, but that is no excuse to make terrible clock management decisions to lose games. Out of the 9 losses they have, 5 of them where lost in the fourth quarter with the lead. The longest coach quarterback duo is coming to an end very soon.

It seems as though Jason Garrett has lost control of the Cowboys. Jerry Jones usually gives his coaches a leash but Jason Garrett can’t seem to keep up the tempo from one season to the next. His star receiver Dez Bryant seems to have no respect for the coach and that chemistry is important in this league. At most he has one more year as the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

Sean Payton has been a good coach for years in New Orleans. The Saints have to decide if they will keep Brees with the 30-million dollar cap hit they will have to take. With another season missing the playoffs, it seems more likely for the Saints to keep the Hall-of-Fame QB Brees and take another direction at head coach.